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The Seychelles Qualifications Act

The Seychelles Qualifications Act 2005 was repealed in 2021, and to replace it, a new Act was enacted by the President and the National Assembly. The Seychelles Qualifications Authority now has more responsibilities and more power to implement its functions.
The Act will provide for the development, implementation and maintenance of a national qualifications framework and the quality assurance of education and training.

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Vision, Mission and Values

A credible, valued and efficient organization which, as custodian of a high quality national qualifications framework puts the needs of learners at the centre of an open, responsive and integrated qualifications system which recognizes their competencies and enables them to develop to their fullest potential.

To develop and enhance a national qualifications framework that elevates and recognizes competencies whilst promoting quality education and training.

The following are the core values of the Authority, derived from the principles of transparency, accountability and good governance that we will uphold in our actions and behaviours:

We recognize that education and training providers need to be guided to meet the requirements of the NQF and stand ready to provide that assistance and support, with due deference to the roles, responsibilities and autonomy of the provider.

We recognize our duty, as regulator, to operate with transparency, openness and impartiality in our engagement with stakeholders, and to observe strict standards of confidentiality in handling client information.

We recognize that we have a responsibility to protect learners and to ensure the credibility of the education and training that is on offer. Therefore, we hold providers accountable to the requirements of the National Qualifications Framework and expect them to commit to nationally agreed standards and to deliver to those standards within agreed time frames.

Service Excellence
We recognize that quality is integral both to the National Qualifications Framework and to the way we approach our work. Therefore, we commit ourselves to the highest standards of service delivery, with due regard to best management practice, including capacity building and the creation of a climate that is conducive to team work and high levels of productivity.

Learner Focus
We recognize that the learner is the focus of the National Qualifications Framework. Therefore, we commit ourselves to promoting a culture of lifelong learning through the continued development of an accessible, responsive and integrated National Qualifications Framework that promotes equality for all learners, safeguards their interests and provides access to the qualifications system for all in society.

Reflective Practice
We recognize the need for our work to be informed by evidence, research and evaluation, as well as awareness of major trends and developments in relation to both qualifications and the environment in which we operate. Therefore, we commit to engaging with local and international research in the field and revisiting our policies and procedures accordingly.


Functions of SQA

The Seychelles Qualifications Authority (SQA) came into existence in March 2006, following enactment of the Seychelles Qualifications Authority Act in 2005.

The 2005 SQA Act was repealed and a new one was enacted by the President and National Assembly in 2021; it came into operation on 1st May 2022.

The Seychelles Qualifications Authority now has the following functions:

  1. recognise, evaluate and register national qualifications and part qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework;
  2. generate and register national unit standards and qualifications for occupations and professions and ensure their relevance to social and economic needs;
  3. maintain a national database of registered and accredited providers, programmes, qualifications and part qualifications, as prescribed;
  4. design, develop and implement a common quality assurance system, and regulate compliance therewith;
  5. develop and review quality standards and ensure compliance by providers through a monitoring system;
  6. accredit tertiary education and training providers and other providers of post compulsory education and training and monitor that such providers continue to comply with prescribed standards and criteria;
  7. accredit programmes and courses of education and training and monitor that such programmes and courses continue to comply with prescribed standards and criteria;
  8. conduct inspection of established and registered schools to ensure national education quality and standards are maintained;
  9. review the policies and criteria on which the National Qualifications Framework is based;
  10. establish policy, criteria and procedures for, and monitor the process of evaluation and recognition of, competencies acquired formally, informally and non-formally through Recognition of Prior Learning;
  11. establish policy and criteria for credit accumulation and credit transfer;
  12. recognise, evaluate and establish equivalence of foreign qualifications to the levels of the National Qualifications Framework and record the decisions made;
  13. develop a policy and criteria for the recognition of foreign programmes leading to the award of qualifications and part qualifications delivered by or through local tertiary education and training providers;
  14. develop a policy for recognition by the Authority of any foreign qualification before the qualification bearer may be entitled to enter into an occupation or a profession;
  15. promote international recognition of the national qualifications and the international comparability of national qualifications;
  16. register tertiary education and training providers and other providers of post compulsory education and training and maintain a register to this effect;
  17. establish criteria for classification of providers and for the transitioning from one category of provider to another in accordance with this Act and made hereunder;
  18. establish criteria and procedures for the protection of the interests of enrolled learners, which include arrangements for the protection of learners where learners have begun but not completed a programme of education and training where a provider ceases to provide the programme before completion, or ceases to operate;
  19. establish standards and criteria for teachers and lecturers of providers to deliver programmes and courses to ensure learners are protected;
  20. provide a national advisory service on foreign qualifications and foreign providers of education and training;
  21. collaborate with international counterparts on all matters of mutual interest concerning national qualifications frameworks;
  22. advise the Minister on matters relating to the functions of the Authority and perform any function consistent with this Act that the Minister may, by regulations, determine;
  23. do all such things and perform all such functions as may be necessary or conducive for the achievement of the purposes of this Act.


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