Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior learning means to recognize and validate competencies, for purposes of certification, obtained inside and outside the formal education and training systems. It is a process whereby prior learning acquired formally, non-formally and informally is assessed against standards and are given recognition.

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Initiator with RPL Coordinator


The aim of establishing recognition of prior learning in Seychelles is to allow individuals who have not been able to attend formal education but however have managed to gain significant experience in certain field to also be given the opportunity to be qualified. For all learners, RPL is meant to facilitate access, transfer and award of credits leading to certification of qualifications within the National Qualification Framework. By essence, RPL exists to promote equity of access and fair chances to all learners.

RPL is intended to target all different categories of learners in society. It is established to allow access to any potential candidate wishing to seek certification in Seychelles regardless of his or her disability, race, religion or nationality.


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