Institutional Accreditation

The SQA is responsible for assuring the quality and standards of education and training in Seychelles; and protecting the interests of learners enrolled in education and training programmes. The Seychelles Qualifications Authority is authorised to fulfil these functions through its system of Accreditation and Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance Training For Tertiary Education and Training Institutions in Seychelles held from 20 24 June 2022

Quality Assurance training for Tertiary Education and training institutions in Seychelles held from 20-24 June 2022


Institutional Accreditation means "recognition status granted to a provider by the Authority for a stipulated period of time after an evaluation through self-assessment and external review indicates that it meets or exceeds established standards for educational quality set by the Authority” as per the SQA Act 2021. Institutional Accreditation is both an opportunity to demonstrate compliance with the national quality assurance criteria for accountability purposes and an opportunity for quality improvement.

The main purpose of the quality assurance system is to assure stakeholders that the registered institution is providing good quality education. The concept ‘quality’ includes value for money, sustainability, fitness for purpose, compliance with standards, consistency, effectiveness, efficiency, and excellence

Institutional Accreditation
Processes of Institutional Accreditation and Institutional Audit.


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