Programme Accreditation

Programme Accreditation approves, for a specified period of time, a specific education and training programme or course, offered by an education and training provider or institution, leading to the award of a specific qualification or part of a qualification to be registered on the Seychelles National Qualification Framework (NQF).

A provisionally accredited programme meets the majority of the requirements of the NQF to be offered to learners but minor changes are required to achieve full validation status.

By accrediting a programme or credit bearing course, the SQA has ensured that the programme or course has met certain national quality assurance criteria which enable it to be registered on the framework at a specific level of the NQF.

A programme / course registered on the NQF means that there can be confidence that the programme / course is at the level at which the provider or institution has pitched it.

Only registered providers can apply for accreditation of a programme / course.


Submission of the application

Accreditation applications should be submitted for:

New programmes At least six months before the programme is to be offered.
Substantially changed programmes At least six months before the revised programme is to be offered.
Programmes which are nearing the end of the accreditation period At least four months before the current accreditation expires


Programme accreditation process diagram


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